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Product name:Glue machine

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Specifications of machine
Glue mixion and glue-pouring are intergr-ated,automatic operation.A machine can achieve two functions.
Automatic match the proportion of glue,simply adjust the volume of glue when u-sing it.simple and easy operation.
This device uses stepper motor, gear pump and helical metering pump to measure,high precisionratio and glue.
According to the performance of glue: A glue can be installted with the stirring system to prevent the glue deeping; the sealability of A、B glue barrels is good;
This device is installted with cleaning system,cleaning with a key to prevent the dynamic mixing tube solidifying.Free removal,easy and convenient,more humanized.
Glue machine software is developed by our company,easy to use and more humanized,tailored for the photovoltaic industry
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